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Liza says hello: and mina will have ulcer
Liza says hello: and we'll all live happily ever after
meehye 917: it looks like mina gets the short end of the stick....
meehye 917: we get boys...
meehye 917: she gets a stuffed microbe
meehye 917: woo!
meehye 917: go mina go!
Liza says hello: YESH
Liza says hello: no, i think she's really getting the long end
Liza says hello: i think a stuffed microbe is better behaved than a boyfriend...
meehye 917: eh? i'm not so sure about that...
meehye 917: i guess he does have sex pili, that is a redeeming quality
meehye 917: his inherent "maleness" (campbell's biology term, not mine) must be pretty damn HAWT
Liza says hello: it always listens (it doesnt interrupt or talk your ear off)
Liza says hello: it always wants to snuggle
meehye 917: and it ALWAYS wants to fling you with it's sex pili of doom

PS. if you have no idea what we're talking about
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