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This is just how much we know:

Liza says hello: im glad i'm not a cell

Well, not really:
Liza says hello: cause damn
Liza says hello: i'd try to lyse proteins in the vacuoles and totally fuck myself up
meehye 917: and then you would malfunction
meehye 917: and it would be funny


Liza says hello: blargh
Liza says hello: i dont understand photosynthesis
Liza says hello: well, i do
Liza says hello: just not all the itty bitty steps
meehye 917: haha neither do i
meehye 917: i made mina tell me about it
meehye 917: something about carbon fixation
meehye 917: calvin is in the dark
meehye 917: grana
meehye 917: stroma?
meehye 917: and SUNLIGHT!
Liza says hello: and i always mix up posphorylation and the calvin and kelvin cycles and DAMN, THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME AND WHEN ARE WE GOING TO NEED THIS INFORMATION EVER AGAIN
Liza says hello: yeah
meehye 917: there is no kelvin cycle
Liza says hello: not IN the dark.. just dark reactions i think
Liza says hello: ohhh youre right hah
Liza says hello: i think
meehye 917: CAM plants photosynthesize in the dark
meehye 917: because they are cool like that
Liza says hello: right
Liza says hello: C4 are just weird
meehye 917: but there is another cycle
meehye 917: krebs
meehye 917: in cell resp.
meehye 917: yay i know something!

Hypothetically dead biologists are turning over in their graves, writhing in pain.

We have a lab tomorrow after school, Lise just reminded me.
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