antoinette (_simply__me) wrote in xbiocorex,

Grade reports for the AP Bio test are ready!

I just called them! Thrilled and exhilerated for my 5!

All the pain, sweat, and tears that I put through that class was worth it!!

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Where did you get them from?
you can call.. its like $8. caitlin did. i didnt..

What's the number?
dunno its in your "pack"

you call the number in that little booklet you received at at the beginning of the test; it's 1-888-308-0013

you have to include:
- your social security # or your 8-digit AP number
- birthdate
- credit card number
- credit card expiration date

nice.. good job.

thanks! i'm excited :)
I called in...I confess...but it was worth it. Straight 4's plus a 5 in USH