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Random review

A coelomate is an animal with a fluid filled body cavity completely lined with tissue derived from the mesoderm (the coelom) that separates the digestive tract from the outer body wall.

NK cells destroy body cells as well as tumor cells through lysing.

Histamine is released by body cells in response to tissue injury.

The RAAS (renin-antiotensin-aldosterone system) is a part of a complex feedback circuit which maintains homeostasis of the blood.

Auxin is found in the apical meristem and elongates cells in the coleoptile.

Seeing as the AP exam is 6 weeks away I thought I'd post five random terms. Feel free to post five random terms in a future post (don't comment) titled "Random review" to help the world review...because you know that this community is so darn instrumental in helping us become smart in AP Bio.
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